Engage students in learning any subject while developing programming skills

Create VR applications with Varwin Education platform - a block-based visual language (similar to Scratch).

Programming for children in grades 5 through 11
Learning is similar to games like Minecraft or Roblox
Guidance and training to help you succeed
3D projects in VR or on a desktop computer

From playing to programming, Varwin Education is helping teach tomorrow's top professionals.

Varwin Education is a productivity tool that helps kids learn basic programming skills and create their own VR projects.

Any seventh-grade student can create cutting-edge multimedia content using VR technology.

Varwin Education Hackathon finalists share their experiences with the platform, why they are interested in VR, and what they dream of for the future.

Educational facilities that already work with Varwin Education

Who will benefit from Varwin Education?

Use VR technology as a tool to help students fully understand any subject.
Learn to program and create a new VR project in as little as 5 minutes!
School management
Offer continuing education and refresher courses in VR development.

What is included with Varwin Education?

Varwin Editor - create amazing 3D and VR projects
A Simple visual programming language (similar to Scratch)
Access to a library of educational content
Creative freedom to load and use any 3D object
Access to tons of ready-to-use objects
360-degree and Panorama options for amazing VR tours

Lessons can be offered with nothing more than a desktop computer,or with the help of virtual reality equipment

Minimum System Requirements for lessons with only desktop computers (no VR equipment):
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
  • Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1030 and above or similar
  • 8 Gb RAM or more
  • 10+ Gb hard drive space
Minimum System Requirements for lessons with virtual reality equipment - Wired VR headset: any that support Steam VR

Varwin Education cases

Pricing plans

Lifetime license
Varwin Starter
The best of everything: customized support, the most 3D content, and no usage limits
Customized for Educational Institutions
Get To Know VR and How It Works
VR Creation without programming skills!
System Updates (including new objects and scenes)
200+ Unique Objects and 10+ scenes (from Anatomy and Astronomy to the Middle Ages and Metropolis)
Teacher Guides (covering 72 hours of classes and hands-on training)
Technical support
Full Support by phone, message, and email
One year coverage, including phone consults
By email upon request
Usage Restrictions

Feedback of teachers about Varwin Education

Our team will be happy to assist you with:
  • Varwin plans and pricing
  • How to assemble your first project with the Varwin Education platform
  • System Requirements
  • Any questions you have

Varwin Hackathon super-finalists share their enthusiasm for VR, their experiences with the platform, and their dreams for the future.

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